No Pepper: Day 9

Following Friday’s successful filming and interviews I have hit a snag in that the videos were too high quality for iMovie to handle. After converting the files to something iMovie could handle I found the files are still of such high quality it takes over 5 hours on average to upload them to the shitty program. Since I cannot do anything else while they are uploading, most of my time is tied up simply uploading. 

Some gems in this footage though… For sure.

This will prevent me from getting the teaser out today as I would have liked. The new date is likely Thursday.

That said, I am hoping to do more shooting this weekend. Friday, Saturday, perhaps? It depends on a couple of things, of course. (My day to day life, weather and if the borrowed camera I am using is available.)

In a strange turn of events my buddy informed me that No Pepper had gotten some coverage on Josh Potter’s Metroland Rough Mix write-up.

To be honest I was a bit floored by this. First of all I was called a filmmaker, which is a first, and as a journalist it’s always weird when your name is in the news. To be clear I didn’t send any press release or anything, so I give a ton of credit to Potter for having an eye for some of the cool shit that is happening in Albany.

I truly appreciate the write-up. It reaffirms my belief that this project is worth doing to a lot of people. 

Hey, Josh… If you’re reading this and want to chat, hit me up. I’m not a hard guy to find. 

As usual, keep spreading the word, tossing some change in the hat and sending me pictures, music and names of potential interviewees.


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